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  ‘‘We are writing to you to compliment you on a very practical and cost effective value at risk service.

We had no appreciation, either within the company or indeed from our Insurers of the values, which we needed to insure for.

The approach you took in simply defining the various sections of cover and providing us with an analysis of the value which the property was worth is very easy to understand and totally logical. This is something which we now realise should be looked at every few years from a business point of view in order to avoid under insurance or waste of premium.

We have no hesitation in recommending the value at risk service to others.’’
  Rocca Tiles  
  ‘‘I used the services for a long established and valued commercial client. I really found it was great value to us in a number of respects Using the service meant that the client got ‘expert advice‘ on an area on which we are not qualified to advise on, the client really appreciated their exposure on underinsurance and ended up increasing sums insured by approx. 40%. Both the client and ourselves received a very useful computer generated plan and summary sums insured report which can use at future date, and an additional bonus from our perspective was that we did not to spend many hours of unproductive time exhorting the ‘peril‘ to the client of underinsurance The report did all the talking.’’  
  Burke Insurance Brokers  
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