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Value at Risk Surveys

Our Value at Risk Surveys provide specifications and costs on all areas for reinstatement. They also address unseen costs for example, demolitions, disposal of debris, rental of accommodation and equipment, to name a few. The Value at Risk Surveys are used to analyse the type of insurance cover you currently have in place for your business and property. It will highlight whether you are over or under insured.

We provide a range of Value at Risk surveys on:

  • Buildings
  • Machinery, Contents, Fixtures and Fittings
  • Stock
  • Computer Systems and Equipment
  • Business Interruption and Additional Cost of Working

Value at Risk System

Our VARCo System is a unique value at risk management tool as it provides a cost effective and efficient way of maintaining your value at risk valuations. For a nominal subscription fee the value at risk calculations are updated and all supporting information (e.g. site maps, floor plans, etc.) is collected once, stored and maintained. See our VARCo System to learn more about the many benefits.

Value at Risk Consultancy

Our Value at Risk consultancy reviews your policy, claims history and provides recommendations that is suitable for your property and business, multi-site clients, high net worth assets and other specialist assets such as art collections, jewellery and antiques.

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