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  To obtain an approximate value for the MINIMUM reinstatement value of your home simply follow the steps below:  
Step 1: Fill in the area
of the house in
Area of Ground Floor:
Area of First Floor:
Total Area =
Step 2: Choose the type of house:
Terraced (2 or 3 bed.)
Semi-Detached (3 or 4 bed.)
Detached (4 bed.)

Detached Bungalow (4 bed.)
Step 4: Choose the location:
Galway or other

Step 3: Choose the
number of bedrooms:
Rebuilding Cost per:
Subtotal 1
(Area X Cost )

1. The figures shown in the table are a MINIMUM base cost guide for your house insurance.

2. The figures are based on estate type houses built in the Dublin, Cork and Galway areas since the 1960’s using standard techniques and materials. Properties with more than two floors, 'one-off' houses and apartments are excluded.

3. House contents are NOT covered.

4. No allowance has been made for the cost of outbuildings, patios or boundary walls. The figures do however allow for a concrete path around the house, for driveway repairs and regrassing.

5. The figures allow for demolition costs, professional fees incurred in reinstatement and VAT at 13.5% on building costs and 23% on professional fees.

6. The amounts included for professional fees have been calculated to cover the following services: Building Surveyor / Architect: Prepare working drawings and specification and administering the building contract. Quantity Surveyor: Invite and examine tenders, process payments and agree final account. Structural Engineer and fees associated with the preparation of insurance claims are NOT included.

7. The costs are based on building rates ruling in September 2018 and do not include for inflation during the duration of the policy and the period between any loss occurring and reinstatement.

Step 5: Add: garage
Step 6: Add: higher than average kitchen fittings, built in wardrobes or any special finishes (e.g. hardwoord floors),

Subtotal 2
Add: Construction Inflation :
Final Total
Disclaimer: The values given in this calculator are indicative only and may not
reflect actual rebuilding costs. The values are based on those provided by the
Irish Society of Chartered Surveyors (

As stated in the foregoing notes it is important to note that the foregoing values
are the minimum values that you should use in calculating your sums insured for rebuilding and are based on the assumption that your property is located in a region where competitive rebuilding quotations are available to you in order to allow to achieve 'value for money' in the rebuilding process.
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